30 April 2013

And then I got behind again

111_365 04-21-13

112_365 04-22-13

I started my seeds, last week.  They are starting to come up now.  These are old egg cartons, they are biodegradable so I can plant them with the seedlings when it's time to put the plants in the garden.  There are cucumbers, green beans, and tomatoes.

113_365 04-23-13

114_365 04-24-13

115_365 04-25-13

Carus was having trouble being motivated to work on her homework so I sat down with her to keep her company.  I probably should have worked on updating the blog (sooner than now) but instead I wasted time on Facebook and/or Pinterest...or both.

I'm still not caught up, but this is all I'm posting tonight.

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