01 May 2013

And some more from the past week

116_365 04-26-13
Dance picture day.  It's not stage makeup, but she enjoyed getting to wear it. She did not want to take that costume off.

117_365 04-27-13
Dog park trip, because it was gorgeous outside.  Leia hauls ass after that ball and then skids to a stop.

118_365 04-28-13
Sunday was gardening day.  The potato tower is growing very well.  I got new straw (actual straw this time, not the hay I got last year that GREW hay. This stuff shouldn't grow.) and put a new layer of straw and soil, about 5-6 inches.

119_365 04-29-13

Remember how I was telling you how Leia skids to a stop when playing fetch? Yeah.  Well doing that caused cuts in the upper pads on her front paws (they're called carpal pads bytheway).  I took her to the vet to make sure she didn't need stitches. She didn't.  They gave me some powder that keeps the wounds dry, are antiseptic and a little extra pain reliever; and a collar to keep her from licking her paws.  She does not like being a satellite, but thankfully she doesn't lick much so we've been able to leave it off most of the time (too bad I bought it already)(thankfully it was under $20).

They were sitting on the step so they can get a treat.

She's such a good dog. When it's time to put the powder on, she'll come over when called, lie down, roll over and give me her paws.

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