20 May 2013

If there's fruit in the cake, is it healthy?

Sunday I worked (boo), but it was a slow day (yay).  Sometimes those are nice.  I'm able to do other work stuff that needs to be done but doesn't get done first and the change of pace can be very nice.  And it was the early shift, and I was feeling better, so with dinner I made cake.

Okay, that wasn't the whole reason for making cake.  I also had some VERY ripe bananas on the counter and wasn't really wanting to make banana bread again (made it last week). I got talked into buying a large bunch of bananas (but I will eat them mom) that didn't get eaten before they got too ripe for my picky eaters (they will not eat them if there is any brown on them)(I'm allergic to raw bananas and will only risk the incredible itching mouth and throat once in a great while).

I made Chocolate Banana Cake with Chocolate Ganache frosting.  Good, but VERY rich.

The recipe:

139_365 05-19-13

I'm not great with food photography, and was feeling lazy, so settled for the blah phone pic edited with instagram.  It doesn't do it justice...

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