12 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day

We went to a BBQ at the in-laws house for Mother's Day linner (lunch+dinner) and I heard several comments on my blogging, or lack thereof lately so...

HERE is my new blog post Barb and Eula. Don't think you can boss me around now.*

Not a 365 (but sharing anyways), my first garden harvest.  A lone little radish.  Robert and I split it and it was good, and a little spicy.  I harvested 3 more tonight that Robert ate within 5 minutes of me getting them washed.  The littlest one was really spicy apparently as he had to quickly get a drink after eating it.
First garden harvest. One lone radish. Robert and I split it.

Now to the 365s.
365 05-07-13
Rhododendron. They're the neighbors, but I still enjoy them. They are much pinker in person.

365 05-08-13
Another flower of the neighbor's yard, a clematis I believe.

365 05-09-13
Sun beams through the sprinkler, seen while watering the garden at sunset.  Making rainbows.

365 05-10-13
Sunbathing Simba.  It's a hard life being a cat.

365 05-11-13
Carus - new bangs and new shirt and shorts.  The kids are growing so fast (I know, right?!) and have outgrown yet MORE clothes! I just bought them shorts last summer. GAH!

I'm really having a hard time keeping Adam in clothes that fit; he's outgrown things as quickly as a month after purchase. Since I had to buy them clothes again we went to Goodwill and Salvation Army to find things for cheap - and we did.  Carus got this shirt for $6. It's a brand name silk shirt. I'm a little bit jelly (jelly=jealous).

365 05-12-13
For Mother's day I made breakfast (I really wanted biscuits and gravy and no one can make it like I do) and did some laundry (I don't mind too much and the kids need clean clothes for school) and then went out to my in-laws place for the aforementioned BBQ and socializing.  The food was good, conversation better, and fun was had by all.  I borrowed the dogs for a bit wanting to take a nice photo of them.  They were not cooperating too well as the treats were in my pocket, not next to them, but I did get this one.  Coco is on the left and Lady is on the right.

*If you can't tell, that sentence was said teasingly and with lots of love. Barb is my mother-in-law and Eula is her mother-in-law and my sort of adopted grandma.

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  1. Hey Dear daughter, The blog is GREAT!! Yes i can tell you were teasing. LOL> Thank you for being so wonderful. I couldnt ask for a better daughter in law if i had to pick her out myself!! You are awesome and i am pretty darn lucky. Its a win win LOL. Please keep the blogs comming. I love reading them. Thanks dear. BV


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