20 May 2013

Garden update!

Time for a garden update.
136_365 05-16-13

Seedlings, starting to get ready to move to the garden.  The bigger ones in the front are pole green beans. The other side is bush green beans. The middle egg carton are tomatoes, and the back carton is cucumbers.  I really like how the egg carton is working out.  I planted some of the pole green beans Saturday and the roots had grown through the bottom and the cups came apart fairly easily.  They were still holding together, but not much so they will compost down nicely.  I'll finish planting the rest this week, and start another round. I want to do successive planting this year so I can get lots of green beans to can and put in the freezer, tomatoes to can, and give a go at pickling cucumbers.

05-16-13 (2)

Potato tower.  Still thinking about putting more soil on top... might just leave it be.

05-16-13 (4)

More potatoes.  The small plant on the left is red potatoes.  The right is yukon potatoes, same as the tower.

05-16-13 (3)

Store bought marigolds. I'm going to try to plant some from seed myself, but needed to be sure to have some flowers.  I'm using them to help with pest control.  I don't have a lot of pests, but I like the idea of using marigolds to keep some away.

05-16-13 (6)

Speaking of pests, this shiny windmill (from the dollar store) helps keeps the birds away.  Unfortunately, it doesn't keep the slugs away.  These are my radishes.  I get to harvest 2-3 at a time every few days, and they last about 5 minutes after washing.  Robert likes them, a lot.  And he says they are SPICY, especially the little ones.

05-16-13 (7)

FINALLY the carrots are starting to come up.  They sure did take their sweet time. And not many are up...yet.

05-16-13 (5)

Garlic is looking good.  There are a few that will be ready to harvest really soon.

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