26 May 2013

Happy Weekend

145_365 05-25-13

Yesterday was mine and Robert's anniversary - 12 years.  Sometimes, feels longer.  Sometimes, not.

Grandma took the kids for the night and Robert and I went to see a movie, Star Trek Into Darkness. It was a good movie, we really enjoyed it.  Adam wants to see the movie too, and Robert is thinking about taking him this week (Carus if she wants too as well, but she isn't sure if she wants to see it). After the movie, we talked about going out to eat but no restaurant sounded good so we decided to just get some steaks and salad fixings from the grocery store and cook for ourselves.  It was a good idea even though I had to do the dishes (saved them for this morning).

It was getting late in the day and I didn't have any pictures yet so thought I would get a better picture of my pole bean support in the garden.

Today, I was super productive. I got the rest of the green beans planted and half of the tomatoes.  I'm starting to think when I get the other tomato plants in (I have 9 beef steak and 9 roma) I won't have room for the cucumbers (I currently have 12 cucumber starts). Maybe a friend will want to take a few off my hands. (Hint hint, anyone local wants some plants?)

Carus helped plant some sunflower seeds in some pots which, when big enough, will be planted all over the yards, and she planted some squash seeds because she wanted to grow one.  She also wants zucchini, but I didn't have any zucchini seeds.

Speaking of Carus, she has decided she wants to be a vegetarian.  Not vegan, she still wants to eat cheese, milk, sour cream, butter, etc, and she wants to eat fish as well, but yeah.  She's been doing okay with it. We had some tofurky sausages in the freezer which I cooked for her to try - she wasn't thrilled with them - but there are other options if she wants to try them.

Besides gardening, I also got lots of laundry done and LOTS of dusting and vacuuming throughout the house, moving furniture and taking apart the couches and everything.  And surprisingly, it's not all dirty again. (yet)

146_365 05-26-13

Just sitting down to dinner, a quick shot with my cell phone.

Steak and tofurkey for Carus (Adam had one too), baked potato, and salad.

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  1. Hey there, Yes i would like some cucumber starters. I usually get "Tennesse Tuxedos" lemon cuke seeds from my Father in law,Or at least thats what he calls them. But i didnt get any this year so far. So Yes Please! Thanks for the blogs they are really interesting to read. Hugs BV


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