20 May 2013

Weekends are for working

While working Friday I finally caught this guy with the camera.  He's a regular visitor, but he's fast and the second I grab my camera, he takes off.
137_365 05-17-13

Saturday was my day off this week since I worked this Sunday to have next Friday off to be a chaperone for a field trip.  I didn't have to work, but I had laundry and dishes and wanted to garden, but my body had other plans.  Apparently I caught a bug.  I had a HORRIBLE headache, was dizzy every time I stood up and tried to do anything, and was a bit nauseous every 5 seconds too. I didn't want to spend the day in bed, so I ended up spending it on the couch, with Yoda as company.
138_365 05-18-13

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