15 May 2013

Meeting Jasper

A few months ago, my neighbor friend (neighend, fribor?), lost her horse Wynston. She still had Starlette though.  (I rode Starlette before. And then I fell off.)

About a month ago, she heard of a half brother of Wynston was relinquished by his owner to a boarding facility and was available for adoption.  Long story short, she got him. He was a little thin and unloved when he arrived, apparently. But not anymore.  (Well, still a little thin, but getting there.)

Meet Jasper
134_365 05-14-13

I finally got to meet him last evening and he is so sweet and loving.  Seriously, he is my new favorite.

05-14-13 (11) copy2

Starlette and Jasper

05-14-13 (33) copy2


05-14-13 (35) copy

Starlette in her stall.  Because she is a bit of a drama queen.
05-14-13 (39) copy

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