21 May 2013

Green bean support

140_365 05-20-13 Green beans need support.

Or they'll fall over.

But only pole beans.

The bush beans will be fine.

But I had pole beans planted.

So I made a simple support frame.

And Robert helped me put it in.

The sides are 6 feet long with a point on the end to help push it into the soil.  The other two sides are 4 feet long.  I then drilled a hole through each end 3/4-inch from the top and sides and put a bolt through the hole and tightened it with a butterfly nut. I stapled string about every 8 inches from top to bottom, and about 11-1/4 inch top to bottom.  I might need more string later in the season, I might not.  However, I'm over stapling it. It isn't keeping the string as taut as I want it Robert wants it. (I'm more loosey goosey about it.)  If/when I have to add or replace strings, I'm wrapping around the wood, pulling tight and tying off.

Later today I hope to plant the other (3 or 4?) pole beans I have AND the bush beans.

And plant the tomatoes and cucumbers. Then I have about a week to figure out how I want to support the tomatoes.  We don't like those metal tomato cages from the store. They are weak and fall over and only last one season (if you're lucky) and feels like a big fat waste of money.  Last year I used some large metal T-bar fence poles and string and it worked, but it was really chaotic and messy so I want to improve on that.

I also bought some sunflower seeds last night so I'm going to start those and some more green beans. (I wasn't kidding about wanting to put up enough green beans to not have to buy store green beans until next summer.)

By the way, if you're wondering.  That black hose is my new soaker hose.  I'm going to try watering the garden with that thing this year.  I have to figure out a way to get it snaked around the garden best yet, but initial tests suggest that this might be a really easy and efficient way to water.

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  1. Hey there, Great job on the Green Bean Support. Have a good day Hugs BV


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