24 May 2013

Dance dance

144/365 - Toe pointing dancers.

144_365 05-24-13

After Carus's dance class this evening, we went location scouting at a local park.  Oh yeah, I didn't tell you a whole story.

So, recently Robert got laid off.  We've been expecting it for awhile (like since October) as the company had very little to no work for quite some time.  We were hoping it would hold out until he had something else lined up but it didn't. Things aren't bad so no worries.

Because every little bit helps, I decided to open up shop on a little photography venture. I'm a week in and already have three sessions booked and two more in the works.  Coordinating schedules for outdoor shoots in spring in Oregon is FUN.

So yeah.  I'm really happy with this location I picked out for this specific shoot.  I'm not planning on doing a backlit and sunflare photo like this - well maybe one, if it works out and looks good.

Anyhoo.  Picture.  That's a clover field.  They are resting crops for every few years on wheat/alfalfa fields around here and there are usually more red flowers mixed with the green but right now, with the colder weather (low 60s when we should be getting high 70s) they aren't.  I don't know if they will or if their window passed.  They're still pretty fields though.
05-24-13 (60) copy
(Don't mind the face she's making. The pose was the best in this one and the eyes were closed in all the other ones anyways. There were other better photos of her as well but I wanted to show the location most so I'm going to be okay with it. It's not the worst face.)

Anyhoo #2
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