24 May 2013

Don't mind me, I'm drinking while I write

So where were we.

Oh yeah, a couple of days ago now. I was heading outside to find something to take a picture of and saw my reflection in the mirror.  I was looking cute.  I do have my moments.  And now you gotta look at me.

141_365 05-21-13

The next day, I again didn't have an idea of what to take a picture of and then all the sudden it was nearly bedtime.  And that's how we got a picture of up-side-down pug.

142_365 05-22-13

And then yesterday I saw a video with tips on photographing pets and mine tend to cooperate better than anyone else most of the time so I had a go.  I was taking pictures of Leia and Robert got involved and I got this one.

143_365 05-23-13

I would love for Robert to be in focus too, but he volunteered to get in a picture so I'll take it as is.

And now I'm going back to my drinking.  I've had a LONG day (chaperoning a 5th grade field trip) and that drink is rather relaxing.

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