29 May 2013

Spring is so pretty in Oregon

Spring in Oregon is so pretty.  Can be a little hard for those of us with allergies though.  When we lived in Aloha our allergies were really bad, but in the three years we've been here they seem better.  We still have them, but we aren't dying from them each year.  Makes me wonder what's different.


Poppies in my neighbors yard.  It was close to sunset, and a dreary, wet day, so they weren't as open as they usually are.  Still lovely color though.
147_365 05-27-13

Usually when we go to the dog park I get pictures of Leia running and playing fetch.  Last night, I thought it would be good to get Yoda.  He doesn't do much playing at the park. It's just full of things for him to pee on  and if I don't move he won't wander far.  The point of the park is to run some energy off of the dogs (cough*cough* Leia) and get them more exercise than they can get in our yard.  To get Yoda to move around, I have to move around - not a bad thing for me.  I walk the perimeter and he follows behind, occasionally getting distracted by a smell and then will run to catch up with me.
148_365 05-28-13

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