03 June 2013

The end of the week

Hey look, it's the end of last week.

So where were we.

Oh yeah, last Wednesday and the final band concert of the year.  The school district, thanks to budget cuts (and it's mostly a real thanks and only a teensy bit of a sarcastic one), has one band director.  He teaches all band students from 5th grade through high school.  The end of the year concert is always a bit emotional.  He gets to show off how well his students have learnt over the year and has to say goodbye to his seniors, and their goodbye to such a great teacher is always emotional.  And awesome.  It's teachers like him that give me hope for our public school system.

149/365 - Carus playing the trumpet.  
149_365 05-29-13

And the band teacher can just stand back and watch them play, because he's that good.

05-29-13 (14)

Adam getting ready to play trombone.  
05-29-13 (17)

150/365 - Thursday, after work, Carus and I made little felt crowns for use in photo shoots with babies and little kids.  Though adults could wear them too, if they wanted. Carus did most of the sewing.  She enjoys sewing, I need to sew with her more often.  I think I'll schedule a sewing day soon.

150_365 05-30-13

The finished crowns, they're reversible.
felt crowns

151/365 - Friday, while Carus was at dance I walked the dogs. Then, back at the studio the dogs and I waited on the studio porch and watched a visiting hummingbird.  That bird liked those flowers so much it didn't mind how close I was.  I will be taking my camera to this week's' dance class. Cross your fingers that he returns.

151_365 05-31-13

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