20 June 2013

Garden update

167_365 06-16-13
(167/365 6-16-13)

06-16-13 (14)
Marigolds.  I wish they would keep the *&!##@ bluebird out of my garden, he's keeps pulling up my seedlings.

I've been having lots of rage against birds this week.  Have I mentioned that they start SCREECHING at 4:30 in the morning and we can no longer enjoy a cool breeze coming in at night through the open window because they're jerks?  No? Oh, well they do.  And the stupid doves answer the screeching of the unknown birds by cooing.

06-16-13 (13)
Cucumber starts (they'll be happier in a few weeks when it warms up more)

06-16-13 (11)
Carrot.  I don't have many of them, I'll keep trying though.

06-16-13 (9)
Itty bitty tomato plant.  I have 9 now.

06-16-13 (8)
Sunflower seedlings.  And new straw being spread.

06-16-13 (7)
Radishes and their flowers.

06-16-13 (6)
Pole green beans.

06-16-13 (5)
LARGE garlic bulbs.  It's the size of a large onion.  I'm so excited to harvest it and see how big it really is (and hopefully how good it is) - just need it to dry up a bit.

06-16-13 (4)
Garlic patch

157_365 06-06-13
Radish and it's flowers

06-16-13 (1)
Potato tower

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