21 June 2013

Dance recital

Carus's dance recital was this evening.

06-21-13 (1)
Pre show

06-21-13 (3)
Makeup touch ups.

06-21-13 (7)
Side stage, waiting to go on.

06-21-13 (9)

I helped backstage so I got a great view, and also got to see a bunch of things I wouldn't have been able to see from the audience.  The kids were all nerves and started out really quiet, which was a change from Wednesday's rehearsal where they were all balls of energy.

06-21-13 (14)

As groups started coming back from their performances, the excitement of a successful performance exploded.  It increased the nerves of those who hadn't performed yet, but also encouraged them in that their concerns that their dances wouldn't go wrong.

06-21-13 (17)

They did great!

06-21-13 (18)

There were a few "mistakes" but I reassured them (Carus) that the audience wouldn't have noticed.  Robert, Adam, and Barb (who were sitting in the audience) backed me up.

06-21-13 (25)

I video taped the rehearsal - and that has been uploaded to YouTube.  Again, I apologize for my really crappy videography skills.

06-21-13 (30)

The theme for the recital was Entertainment Tonight.  All of the dances had to do with TV shows.  Carus's class was The OC.

06-21-13 (31)

They danced to California.

06-21-13 (45)

06-21-13 (46)

06-21-13 (52)

172_365 06-21-13

06-21-13 (71)

All of the performers, class helpers (who were also performers), and teachers on stage.  (Carus is all the way in the back behind many, many rows.

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  1. Becca, I am so glad you got to be back stage. The photos are wonderful. Dancing is great for young ladies development. It is
    delightful for me to watch Carus mature and blossom into a pretty
    rose bud of a lady. Thanks for posting. JoAnn Prosser


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