20 June 2013

End of last week

164_365 06-13-13

Japanese maple leaves after a rain

165_365 06-14-13

Carus's dance is finishing up for the year, it follows the school year - September to June and her recital is tomorrow, Friday.  This spin is from the in class dress rehearsal last Friday.

166_365 06-15-13

I wasn't intending on taking a photo of just my hummingbird feeder.  I was trying to get the beautiful rust-colored hummingbird that was visiting, but noooooo he didn't want his picture taken.  &#$@!# jerk.

I've also been trying to photograph the more-daring hummingbird at the dance studio, but every time I bring my camera he doesn't show up.

Hummingbirds are jerks.

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