06 June 2013

Bragging on my kid a bit

Adam was nominated by his math teacher to be recognized as an outstanding student.  Each teacher was asked to choose their best boy student and best girl student to be recognized with a breakfast and award with a special statement from the nominating teacher explaining why they were chosen.

That breakfast and award ceremony was Wednesday morning before school.  Adam dressed up because he likes wearing his suit and he felt it was an adequate excuse to wear the suit.

156_365 06-05-13We are so proud of Adam.  He is a smart, confident, compassionate, and strong young man and I cannot believe he only has 3 days of 8th grade left.  And then in September, he'll be in high school (*sniff*), and probably getting his learner's permit (gulp).

I'm not ready...

His teacher had this to say:
"Adam constantly challenges me to find a deeper understanding of why math works the way it does. He is a perfect student for sparking conversation and often approaches problems in a way that I had never thought of.  Adam has become my class helper as he is usually the first to finish his assignment and always willing to take on any task that I need accomplished.  I will miss Adam's challenging insight and helpfulness that inspires me everyday."

I did get video (here) but Good Lord, I'm a horrible videographer...

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  1. Wow! Way to go Adam. So glad to hear he excels in what so many struggle with. High school next year. Where did the time go. Learner's permit. I remember riding with Mike and Brian. You and Robert are wonderful parents. I enjoy watching your family grow including the dogs.


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