05 June 2013


The week is going by too fast!

Which is a good thing - because weekend - but also a bad thing - because I have things I want to get done and can't seem to find the time (or energy) to do them in.

So quick catch up on this week's Monday and Tuesday.  I have Wednesday's post all planned out separate-like cause it's kind of special, and then maybe I'll be able to squeeze Thursday and Friday in on Thursday and Friday.


154_365 06-03-13
Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

I have been on a wait list at my local library for about three months for this book.  They finally had a copy open up for me. I am LOVING IT so far. This is the author's second book and I am loving it just as much, if not more, than the first one, Attachments.  I will no longer be waiting for my library to have a copy of her future books for me (her third, Fangirl comes out in a few months) and will buy as soon as possible.  I recommend both books.  (Also, I'll get to meet the author (I think) later this month as she is coming to LeakyCon. YAY!)


155_365 06-04-13
Ladybug on my lavender plant.

And now my cute dogs with sunflare, because I like the photos and want to share them.
06-04-13 (3) 2

06-04-13 (5) 2

Shower and bed time now 'cause 6 a.m. (I hate 6 a.m.) - TOODLES!

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