05 June 2013

First photo shoots

Saturday was my first "official" photo shoots.

In the morning was a baby and family shoot at a lovely park in Hillsboro, Dawson Creek Park.  I have sneak peeks of that shoot on my photo blog, here.  And then in the evening I did another individual/family shoot BUT I can't share that one yet.  The lovely lady who was star of that shoot hired me because she wanted to surprise her husband with some nice photos of herself and I suggested we add in some with her grandkids as well since Father's day is coming up.  As soon as he's seen his photos, I can share it.  I probably won't remember here (though I'll try) so follow the photo blog or my Facebook page.

Dawson Creek park was so pretty.  It has a pond so it's quite popular with ducks and geese.  We watched a family feed the ducks, which was extremely amusing, and a geese family with several babies, and then a momma duck and her ducklings.

152_365 06-01-13

There is also a tunnel with chalk drawings on it.  There were a few drug and gang related drawings, but the majority were lovely messages and initials in hearts with dates.

06-01-13 (22)
Have a Wonderful Day

06-01-13 (23)
Unicorns Rule

06-01-13 (25)
I Love You Indubitably

06-01-13 (28)
Do You Believe In Magic?

06-01-13 (29)
I <3 p="" you="">
06-01-13 (30)
Be Kind

06-01-13 (32)
It's the Most Wonderful Time of Year

Sunday, I spent most of the day editing photos.  I took a few breaks to go to the park and to work in the garden.
153_365 06-02-13

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