07 November 2008

The things kids find...

And then stick up their nose...

On Monday, while I'm working at the hospital, the school called....They wanted to let me know that my daughter tried to put a bead or little ball up her nose and another little girl in the class has convinced her that it was now stuck in her nose causing Carus to panic a tad (the secretary was pretty sure that it is not up there and has had her blow her nose a few times to see if anything came out).

After school, Gramma Barbara did an inspection and didn't feel like there was anything still in there. When Robert got home, and again when I got home, her nose received another inspection and all were satisfied that there was nothing up her nose.

Well, Wednesday night Carus blew her nose and a little blue bead popped out...*sigh*

She still isn't sharing what possessed her to stick a bead up her nose.

Daddy put peas up his nose as a child, and when questioned by his mom, "Cause there was a hole there."

Like father, like daughter.


  1. Super Funny! The things I get to look forward too!

  2. haha thats really funny!! I wanna stick something up my nose!

  3. I believe one of your cousins did that as a child. I do know my cousin RaDonna stuck rocks up her nose because some old lady at the store told her not to put beans in her nose. That resulted in a trip to the ER and RaDonna swore it was a painful experience in all ways.
    Claude and I got such a laff out of that last line. LOL


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