16 November 2008

Happy Birthday Robert

Well in 3 more days, but we had his surprise party today. It went well. Things did not go as planned, but you kinda have to wing it sometimes. He says he was actually surprised so WOOHOO! That was my main goal. He can be tough to surprise sometimes.

We had carne asada (and I have enough leftover for dinner tonight) and ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. There were TONS of jokes and laughs and I think everyone had a great time - they better not have lied when they said they did!

I gave the camera to Carus to give her something to do and we got tons of pics of nothing, but on the plus side - it didn't take long for everyone to start making funny faces for her.


  1. I am so sorry I forgot to send a card! I suck at that kind of stuff. I will hopefully get to the store in a couple day and again, hopefully remember! But tell him Happy Birthday from us! Glad it turned out good!

  2. I glad he ended up being surprised! It looks like it was all so much fun!


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