18 November 2011

Friday that is not TGIF

319/365 - Robert and the kids playing Dungeon & Dragons.  I think Adam was the only one that wasn't perturbed that I took a photo of them, so shhh I didn't post this on the internets for all to see.
319_365 11-16-11

320/365 - Carus playing the piano.  Reason # one-billion of why we love our neighborhood and our neighbors.  When talking to this particular neighbor one day it was mentioned that Carus wanted to learn to play the piano, and she volunteer to teach her. For free!  Carus helps her with projects around her house and in her yard.
320_365 11-17-11

321/365 - I had a bad day and Robert brought me flowers to make me feel better.
321_365 11-18-11

Today is Friday and it's supposed to be happy and yay it's the weekend and woo!

BUT NO. It has sort of stunk.

This morning I got word that my grandmother was on the way to the hospital with chest pains. A few weeks ago, on Halloween, she had a heart attack and at that time they put a stent in and she went home with a good prognosis. I didn't hear any more news after this morning's message. No news is good news, right? But, it's still been hard to not worry. I was doing well, just going on with work and doing what I had to do. I do pretty well with that, I think.  When things get stressful I can get tunnel vision to do what I have to do and move on and then worry about things later. At least for awhile.

I got to where I started to freak out a bit. I wanted to be there with her. I wanted to be there for my grandfather. I wanted to be in the same state, town, building, room. But I couldn't be.

I wanted to make her all better. I wanted to do something besides sit there and work, work, work. I wanted control over the whole stupid situation and not having that control was messing with me and pissing me off.

And then my work computer started being a turd (which it is wont to do lately) and it was all I could take.

I called Robert and he talked me down with, "calm down, stop being a girl and think rationally." He always knows how to make me laugh. He reminded me she was in good hands and with doctors to take care of her and worrying wasn't going to help.

And then he came home from work with a bouquet of flowers for me to make me feel better. They did. He says the guy in the check out line at the store asked him if he was making up for doing something wrong or building up bonus points for later. 

I still haven't heard any more news on my grandmother, but it's late.  It's late for me, late for her, and especially late for my news source (we have sort of a familial phone tree going on to get news to everyone). I'm sure the morning will bring some good news.

If you're of the praying variety - would you please say a prayer for her? And if you're not - would you please think a happy thought, send good karma, good juju, or whathaveyou for her?

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