01 November 2011

Happy Halloween

303/365 - Happy Halloween.  Princess Carus.  I sewed her costume and a cloak this year, and was actually up late Sunday trying to finish up the cloak and still just finishing up right before leaving for trick or treating. 

Fun fact: That tiara is the one that I wore for my wedding.
303_365 10-31-11

More bonus pictures!!!
10-31-11 copy

Adam stayed home with Robert, not dressed in costume, and handed out candy because apparently he is now too old for trick or treating... :(

Vampire pumpkin (Adam's), BOO! (mine and Robert's), and Bender (Carus's).
303_365 10-31-11

And now I'm mostly caught up on my 365s...except for today's photo. (Hopefully coming tomorrow BTW) 

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