01 November 2011

The end of October

297/365 - Another last minute 365, which I do a lot.  More often than I'd like - but I'm still doing a 365 and that's what counts in my book.
297_365 10-25-11 (1)

298/365 - Close up of Timmy's eye.
298_365 10-26-11 copy

299/365 - Playing at the dog park
299_365 10-27-11 copy

With bonus pictures!!
10-27-11 (6)

 Leia wouldn't go near the jumps and ramps - but Yoda was a pro!
10-27-11 (10)

300/365 - Coming home from grocery shopping late Friday night (quiet grocery store at that time). I liked how the clouds were lighting up and so at a stop sign on the back roads I was driving, I whipped out my camera and took a couple shots out of my window - this was one of them.  There was no cars behind me, but they were driving by so that's their lights receding there.
300_365 10-28-11 copy 2

301/365 - Dewy spider web
301_365 10-29-11 copy

302/365 - That's not your bed, silly puppy.
302_365 10-30-11

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