13 November 2011

Weekend 365

312/365 - Ring around the moon.  A lot prettier in person.
312_365 11-09-11 copy

313/365 - Majestic Timmy
313_365 11-10-11 copy

314/365 - I started water and eggs for macaroni salad for dinner then realized we didn't have cucumbers.  The water was already hot so instead of just boiling three eggs I put more in to make deviled eggs the next day. BUT before adding more eggs I noticed the uniform bubbles along the bottom of the pot and thought it was interesting.  Is it interesting? Or am I easily amused?

Those deviled eggs went with the turkey dinner I made Saturday.  We aren't hosting Thanksgiving this year
314_365 11-11-11

315/365 - Went to a local salon for a facial.  My first facial.


I didn't and was pleasantly surprised.  As a transcriptionist, my hands do a lot of typing and it felt ssssooooo good.  I need to go back for a full massage.  Hmm, maybe gift cards to the salon could go on my X-mas list.
315_365 11-12-11

316/365 - Adam practicing his trombone.  He has his first concert Tuesday and he is very excited.
316_365 11-13-11 copy

Not a 365, but showing anyways.  I was just messing around, trying to learn how to make chocolate covered strawberries.  They're not as pretty as I'd like, but they were still yummy.

11-13-11 (12) copy

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