23 November 2011

Mmmmm pies

324/365 - For a super secret Christmas surprise.
324_365 11-21-11

I'll share more when it's done.  I'm very, very excited about the project.

325/365 - MOVIE NIGHT!  I went with some friends to go see Breaking Dawn: Part 1 I liked it.
325_365 11-22-11

I think it's my second favorite movie of the series, second to the first Twilight movie. Still not a fan of Kristen Stewart, but I think she might be learning to act.

326/365 - PIES!  Pecan, banana cream, and coconut.
326_365 11-23-11

I made the pecan pie for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.  We're going to Barb's house, it's her turn to host.  The banana cream was requested recently.  While looking for the pecan pie recipe I came across the coconut pie recipe and thought it sounded good so BOOM coconut pie was made too.

I toasted some coconut to top the pie with using the oven.  Then I started washing some dishes and the coconut burned.  Toasted coconut smells WONDERFUL; burnt coconut, not so much.

That's what I get for doing dishes.

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