14 November 2011

Menu Monday

Sunday - Leftovers
Monday - Fast food.  Not good for us, but fast, easy, and tasty so meh, we're okay with fast food once in awhile.
Tuesday - FFY (making this easy because it's the night of Adam's first band concert)
Wednesday - Shepherd's pie
Thursday - Some sort of meat that I didn't label in the freezer. It's either steak or pork steak. I will defrost it, identify it, and cook it with rice and broccoli or potatoes or SURPRISE!*
Friday - Unsure - maybe another FFY, maybe we'll get some pizza, MAYBE this will be Robert's birthday dinner** night.
Saturday - Robert's birthday. Kids are going to Gramma's house and he and I are on our own.

*Notice my ability and desire to plan the menu this week is extreme.
**I make the choice of dinner and favorite dessert/cake for everyone's birthday if you happen to be having a birthday while at my house.

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