15 November 2011

Grand ole band

Adam is in the band this year.  It's his first year in band and he is enjoying it.  He plays the trombone.

11-15-11 007 copy

318/365 - Even though they are the "beginners band" they aren't bad.  They sound pretty good, though they aren't playing much yet. I'm sure there will be more concerts to come.

318_365 11-15-11

I have video from this evening's performance, but I have to download it and review it and if it's any good I will upload it to my YouTube account so watch there for it. If I remember, I will let you know when/if I upload it.

But before the band concert there was some fun with Carus doing a science experiment for her science lessen today.

She was testing which different solutes (salt, sugar, and baking soda) dissolve in which solvents (soapy water, rubbing alcohol, cooking oil, and vinegar).
11-15-11 001

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