15 May 2009

New Moon

Last night I finished New Moon and while I liked it, there are a few things that I didn't like about it.

*Spoiler alert* Telling ya now, if you haven't read this book or the series and you want to w/o spoilers, stop reading now! I will be spoiling it - not much, I still recommend it, but you will know more about it going in than I did.

Almost everyone can relate to the pain you feel from lost loves, however, going on and on and on about that pain kinda sucks! It sucks for you having to relive it and it sucks for those hearing about it. When asked by a friend last night what was so great, I responded "I feel like a teenage girl again" and I did. I remember my first love, I feel in love as a teenage girl. And then I married him. But between falling in love and getting married, there were break-ups; break-ups that left me feeling like Bella - with a broken heart that ached and I thought I wouldn't live through the pain. It's something I don't really care to relive and I kinda had to reading the book. And then there was a point where I just wanted to say com'on already, get them back together and get on with it. You could see it coming, eventually, but it took forever to get there. It also left me wondering if Adam will like the book. He hasn't started the series yet, but he still plans on it and I'm curious how he will feel about this book.
I was very happy with the friendship she was developing with Jacob and think he is being too darn stubborn about the situation. Everyone can be friends dangit! Even after she gets what she wants most from Edward! But I might just be hopelessly flawed there...
And I'm glad that she still considers her parent's feelings and I'm curious how she will handle 'the change' and still having family. Her 'friends' aren't much of friends (besides Jacob, who doesn't count here) so she can cut them out without a problem, but ditching her parent's for Edward, true love or not, isn't a good idea to me. I guess I will just have to see.
I'm headed back to Target tonight, after a stop at a local used paperback book store to look around, and I am definitely picking up the last two books tonight. I almost ran out at 9:45 last night to get it - but probably would've made it to Target in time (they close at either 9pm or 10 pm?).
Back from Target: Eclipse and Breaking Dawn are NOT out in paperback, had to get it in hardcover. I don't mind hardcover, just don't like having books in a series different - yea, yea, I know I'm weird. Oh, and they were sold out of Breaking Dawn, so I'll have to get it at another time...and I didn't make it to the used book store after all - they're weird and close at 6 pm!

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  1. Congrats.
    New Moon was kinda a bummer. But I do love the relationship between Bella and Jacob. I am more a Jacob type of girl...
    I really loved Eclipse, I think you will too.


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