11 May 2009

My Mom's Day

I took the kids to the library Saturday morning and when we got back to the house, Robert had a bouquet of roses waiting for me. They smell so great! I can smell them the second I step into the kitchen. I just love roses. My favorite, I think, if I have to chose, is the yellow ones with the red-tipped petals.

The kids got excited that we we're doing Mother's day a day early and ran to get their gifts from their backpacks. Sometimes it is so hard for them to be patient, but I love how much they enjoy giving gifts. I got a poem from Carus and two from Adam, and a painting from each. At school each month they study art in Art Literacy. It is a parent-volunteer run program that the school helps create the curriculum for. The paintings they made are from learning about Van Gogh. I think Adam understood the style a little bit more than Carus. She is a bit of a perfectionist, especially about her art. I can't wait to get frames and put them up - I think I put them in my 'office'.

Gramma took the kids Saturday night and I gave Adam directions to make Gramma breakfast of french toast and she said it was really good. I cannot believe how big he is getting, and how much more independent he gets each day.

Robert and I spend our free time test driving cars (he wants to trade his Jeep in for a sports car), going to dinner, and then out with some friends for some drinks (Robert was designated driver, like usual - I promise to be the DD next time!)

Sunday, I was woken from my nap when the kids came home. They had flowers Gramma helped them pick out and paintings of more flowers. The slide show above is of all pictures, but if you want the labeled versions check out

We spent the rest of the day watching shows and movies, eating popcorn, and at dinner time Robert helped me do the dishes from Friday that I had left sitting in the sink and we made spaghetti for dinner. Thank you Robert!

Thank you Adam and Carus! Thank you for my gifts, and thank you for making me a mom. You are the best kids a mom could ask for! You both are so smart, funny, and caring and make me so very proud!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend.
    Happy MOther's Day.


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