11 June 2009

To remember when she's all grown up...

Just a quick note so I can get this down and will not lose it because of my craptasticular memory.

While grocery shopping the other night, Carus announced that for Father's Day she was going to get Robert:

"1 box of aloe-coated tissues, a handmade card, and....$5."

And then added, "Mom I need $5."

She wanted to get him tissue because his allergies are sooo bad lately (we also happened to be picking up a couple boxes at that time) - and the card is, of course, because she wants to be an artist and loves to make cards. Don't ask me where the $5 came from, but it was cute.

1 comment:

  1. I think it is very thoughtful! I will only use tissues with aloe, and 5$ dollars is a lot of candy. Yes as a grown up I save my money for candy. I am not ashamed!


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