19 April 2010

Another book signing

This cookbook came out recently and I'm so excited to finally have a copy (I was holding out since it was on my gift list, but no one wanted to get it for me).

I've been following The Pioneer Woman's blog for awhile now, and have tried a few of her recipes with several more lined up to try.

What I have tried has gotten great reviews.

I love how she shows her recipes with step by step instructions.

Her site is more than just cooking and recipes.  She has stories about her kids and her husband, their life on a ranch in Oklahoma, her childhood, her dogs, photography, homeschooling (which she does because she lives on a ranch in Oklahoma), and some other stuff thrown in. 

The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, is coming to Beaverton, Oregon on tonight (Monday, April 19) for a book signing.  I've invited Robert's mom to come with me - we got her a copy of the cookbook for Christmas - and I'm going to take Carus too, make it a girls night.

Will share pictures :)

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