19 April 2010

No cookbook signed

PWs cookbook signing

Robert's mom wasn't able to come tonight so it was just Carus and I. We were kinda late. After getting off work I finished up dinner and we ate quickly, then Carus and I left. We got there about 5:30 and the signing was scheduled to start at 6.

PWs cookbook signing (3)

We found out when we got there that they had handed out tickets and those with tickets would be called in batches.  Those without tickets (that would be us) had to wait until after all ticket holders had their signed books and then we could be called up in groups.  The highest number I heard was 323.

There was some waiting around.  But Powell's Books in tbe Beaverton Mall is next to Game Trader so Carus wasted some time playing one of the games.
PWs cookbook signing (4)

The crowd.

PWs cookbook signing (12)

Listening to Ree talk for a bit, sing, and then take questions from the crowd.

Carus wanted to ask what her favorite color was, but we didn't get the chance.
PWs cookbook signing via Carus

Carus had my little point and shoot and she amused herself for a bit while we were waiting.

PWs cookbook signing via Carus (7)

I knew since I had Carus with me and didn't have a ticket I wasn't going to get my cookbook signed, but we walked around a bit and Carus nudged her way in a bit to take a picture. 

PWs cookbook signing via Carus (10)

I had to call her back because she kept getting closer and closer - if I hadn't called her back she might have ended up taking a picture of her nostril or something :P

PWs cookbook signing via Carus (15)

She was just going to sneak her way in and ask for a quick picture. I had to remind her that it would be cutting in line and that wouldn't be fair.

PWs cookbook signing via Carus (19)

So she took a few more pictures. And pouted. 

PWs cookbook signing (18)
Carus taking a picture of The Pioneer Woman.

PWs cookbook signing 04-19-10 (109_365)
Isn't her daughter so pretty?! And she is tall!

The Pioneer Woman's oldest daughter and mother-in-law came with her on this little book tour.  Carus was way too shy to ask for a picture with her daughter, so I asked for her.
Carus is very shy.  Once she's met ya and you've talked, she'll talk your ear off, but before that she is just flat out SHY.  I am too, except when I'm around my kids.

That's it.  We then came home.  No signed cookbook.  We still don't know Ree's favorite color.  Just some mother-daughter time, a memory of 'that time we saw a famous person', and a few pictures.

Maybe she'll come back again and we'll have another chance...

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  1. Too bad you didn't get your book signed, but at least you saw PW in person!


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