25 March 2010

It begins

You already know of my issues with having to plan so this shouldn't come as a surprise to you, but I've started again.

I am remarkably LESS stressed about the planning this time.  And it is amazing to be able to actually start implementing plans instead of just making them.  The self-imposed and non-self-imposed deadlines feel good too.  We are aiming to be moving around the 1st of May.

This weekend gramma (Robert's mom) is taking Adam and Carus for a couple of days and Robert and I will have a date night.

But instead of date night consisting of a dinner and movie - which is what we were planning to do - we will be here at our rental:
  • Packing and cleaning downstairs, which has become our catch all room
  • Cleaning and painting the master bathroom
  • Cleaning and painting the main bathroom
(Our landlord is elderly and so we would like to help him save a bit time, headache, and money by painting and cleaning for him. White is an easy paint to slap on so no big deal.)

And if there's time we'll throw in:
  • Packing the dining room
Not to mention that we want to make a 'scouting' trip to Home Depot


And hopefully a clutter freeing stop at Goodwill.

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  1. Congratulations!!!!! Don't listen to what anyone says, being a homeowner is the American Dream and I love it.


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