17 March 2010

Looking at houses again - The 90s

This house was built in 1991 and it feels it! It's near the top of our price range (again...gggrrrr).  3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1808 sq ft on a rather good sized lot. It has a fireplace and AC and is on a cul-de-sac.  It's been on the market for a little bit and just had a 20K price drop which made it pop up on our search perimeters late Monday night and by Tuesday afternoon we got more info from our realtor and decided we wanted to see it.  Because of the major price drop and from what we could see in the listing pictures we thought it would be one that would go fast so we had an unplanned viewing at the last moment.  We didn't want to lose our chance...

There are skylights in almost every room, a sun porch, and a great view from the front window.  There is new carpet throughout including the dining room/living room which isn't our preference considering there is real wood floors in the entry.  There is even carpet on the front steps - weirdo's - althought it's outdoor carpet and it is also in the sun porch (think of that green stuff, just not green).  The rooms are a great size.  The kitchen isn't horrible, but it is kinda dated.  I can live with it though.  I think it makes up for the ugly with its size.  I was not concerned about storage! There isn't a separate, closed off room for an office, but we thought of using the living room or the family room area for one.  There are steps throughout and the bar in the kitchen that opens to the living room is about half the 'normal' height, which feels very odd.  I can see myself tripping over the steps for the first few months. Wait, who am I kidding. I'll be tripping the entire time...  The door from the sun porch to the backyard opens on the wrong side (in my opinion) and you have to go around it to get to the backyard.  We can put in another door though.  The backyard needs a bit of work to get it like we would like it but it's a good start. 

Last night I was already to make an offer and did get Robert to agree.  Today he is feeling apprehensive, and because he is, so am I.  Sometimes I can see more long-term and sometimes he can - we kinda balance each other out and pick up each others slack when needed.  He thinks it would be best if we wait until Saturday to see the other 2 houses we had planned on seeing before making a decision. And he is probably right.  My big wants - backyard and large kitchen - were there and I was excited about both.

We have the offer papers all drawn up just waiting our signature - now to decide if and when we sign...

Whatcha think?


  1. I freaking LOVE this house! If Cody would let me move there I would buy it! It does need some updating, but the bones are amazing! I didn't love the back yard, but I have huge dogs that need grass. Again a simple fix. I seriously think you should get it. Just look at how cute the outside is! And it has a fireplace and an awesome sun room! Again I love it! All the things you don't love can be fixed and in a few years you could have a really great house! You could always put in an offer and then if you like one of the other houses better, you could with drawl it. I am also glad that at least one of us is finding something!

  2. I am going to totally agree with Emma. My favs...PINK bathroom, sun room and overall layout of the house. Carpets, cabinets can all be fixed later.
    I love it. If I were house hunting (renting for us) and walked through that house, I would not leave it.

  3. Also, it seems very homey to me. I loved the little porch off the sunroom. I even liked the weird blue tile in the kitchen.

  4. I other fav. The build in desk, so 90's but I LOVE them!

  5. Okay, Aunt Pam is slow at looking at your web site. You'll have to put the pictures out there again so I can see. :o) Love you!


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