03 March 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Not so wordless

I'm gonna participate in Wordless Wednesday a little differently today.  Full of words.

I would like to ask for prayers, warm wishes, happy thoughts, good vibes, happy juju, positive wishes, etc etc etc.

Carus's best friend's mom (gonna call her L) was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is opting to have a bilateral mastectomy surgery today in hopes that it will just nip the whole thing in the bud and she can be done with it.

She is a new friend to me, but she is one that I would like to have for awhile. 

Now that I've bummed you out and you've put you good juju out into the universe for L, be sure to check out the other Wordless Wednesday posters. I'm sure there is a few handfuls of some happy and funny pictures to look at.


  1. Good vibes and happy juju being sent!

  2. Sending good wishes and prayers for both of you.

  3. Definitely a good reason to go wordy on WW. I'll say a prayer for your friend!

    PS Thanks for visiting my Wordless Wednesday post!

  4. Gramps and Granny will say prayers for your friend. Tell her keep happy thoughts and all will come out fine.

  5. Hope your friend is doing well. Be there for her through her recovery; good friends help the healing process. Granny knows what she's talking about.....she's survived twice. Just tell your friend that and it will give her hope. Love you bunches!


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