22 March 2010

The part where I can't stop crying...

But its okay. They're happy tears. And scared shitless tears.

Mostly happy tears.

That's how I work - get mad, I cry. Get sad, I cry.  Get happy (like really happy), I cry. And on and on.

Sometimes it's annoying. 

Sometimes it works to my advantage.


At 4 hours from our deadline I was staring at my phone wanting it to ring. 

Willing it to ring.  RING DAMN YOU, RING! 

Robert's phone was the one that rang. (Which was probably because I think he had already called our realtor for an update 10 times this morning.) Then he called me and tried to play dumb.

Me: "Hey, what's up?"

Him:  "Oh, not much."

Me: "Well?"

Him:  "Well, what?"

Me: "Did Christina call?"

Him:  "Huh? Oh, yea she just called."

Me: "Well?"

Him:  "Well, what?"

Me: "Did they accept? Did they deny? What?"

Him: "Oh, that."  *silence*  "Yeah, they accepted."

BRING ON THE TEARS!!  I immediately began crying - and resisting the urge to start jumping up and down and screaming.

It almost wasn't accepted.  The sellers were told another offer was coming in this morning and when it didn't show up they got nervous that ours would expire before/IF the other one came in and they would be left with no offers.  And they already had their eyes set on another house and just had to get theirs sold first. Thankfully for us, they played it safe.

We are home owners!!!! (almost)

Now to get to closing. Fingers still need to be crossed (PLEASE!!!!).  Closing date is April 23rd.


  1. I am so super excited! And I cry over everything too! I teared up just reading that. And believe it or not I cried during the Simpson's one time. I don't remember the episode, but I know I cried. Well it was either the Simpson's or Family Guy. Both not a sow you normally cry in. Congrats!!

  2. I love when you say "Anyhoo". I just love that word. I'm also excited that you guys have found a home. You have arrived! Congrats!!! Love you.


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