13 March 2010

We haven't given up yet. . .

Bad news, more bad news, good news.

Bad news:

We didn't get the house.  The bank received another offer that they liked better than ours and accepted that one. Too bad they left us hanging for 4-1/2 weeks!  We didn't stop looking and we didn't count it as we were for sure getting the house, however, we were still planning and hoping we would.  We did find out that the buyers that stole the house from us (not really, but yea) have 60-90 days ahead of them before closing. HA! Take that byatches! It sorta makes up for the annoyance and dissappointment we are feeling.

More bad news:

Our financing has a deadline.  We are going with a USDA loan because we liked the terms better than the regular loans, but *newsflash* the government is running outta moola so they are ending the USDA loan program thingy April 30th. To get it we have to be CLOSED by then.  Which means we have like 2 weeks to find a house, make an offer, and have that offer accepted - then the whole inspection, underwriting the loan, blah blah blah blah... DEADLINE! Aaaggghhhh!

Oh, and short sales and foreclosures are no longer an option because of the time crunch which is like 85% of the listings right now...

Good news:

We haven't given up yet. We are still hopeful and being positive - so very annoyed right now, but positive.  It sorta feels like we wasted a whole month.  We didn't really, it just feels that way.  We continued to look online for houses and we even went and looked at a couple (not sharing the pics, they were way far from even being considered by either of us), and we haven't found anything.

We went through the listings again this morning and even expanded our search to Cornelius which is right next to Forest Grove and we have a few more we'd like to look at.  One in particular I have my eye on, I hope it lives up to its online pictures.

So yeah, short sales SUCK!

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