02 March 2010

Letter to the cats

Dear Cats,

Timmy ~ It is not necessary for you to scarf down all 3 cats portion of food in under 5 minutes.  Just because you see the bottom of your bowl DOES NOT mean you are out of food and will starve.  I haven't let you starve yet, I'm not going to. Your binging causes you to then purge and I am really tired of getting up in the morning or walking into a room and unexpectedly stepping in a pile of half digested food. Its not pleasant.

Wilbur ~ Why must you leave your hairballs on the carpets, couches, or my bed? If you insist on continuely bathing yourself AND Timmy (you know you're encouraging his laziness) and giving yourself hairballs PLEASE just leave them on the linoleum. It makes clean up easier!

Simba ~ I get that you prefer wet food because it's soft, and I appreciate your help with Timmy's purging problem. But please could you not "clean up" in front of me?




  1. You are too funny! I need to write letters to my dogs.....Don't growl at your big brother....Quit being such a grumpy boy....No Ziggy is not finished with his food....Please bring the ball back to me when I throw it and don't pull out the grass with your teeth around the ball....I love your kisses...Love mom. :o)


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