19 February 2010

Mmmmoooommmmmm, I'm telling...

First of all, I'm really proud of myself, I have unloaded and loaded the dishwasher for 5 nights in a row!!!!

25 more nights and I have me a routine people!

Ulterior motive for bragging on that - now I can't slack and let the internet world down. I have people pleasing issues. I MUST unload the dishwasher, the internet is counting on me!!!

But what I'm really writing for, my kids are driving me batty!

The sibling rivelry has been pretty darn bad lately and its getting hard to handle.  I know they weren't going to be bestest of friends forever, and as they grow up we will experience more hate between them than love. More so than now.

Overall they are very well behaved kids. I know this. I remind myself of this often.  Sometimes I think I'm being too strict on them, but other times I wonder if I'm not hard enough.

But tonight, when they are just bickering with each other about everything, I just want to scream or smack them around or something (Disclaimer: I don't actually smack my kids around. I threaten, but I don't do it. Luckily I'm scary enough when threatening they haven't pushed it.)

Top the bickering off with the fact that Adam has pretty much decided that mom (that would be me) knows absolutely diddly squat and HAS to argue with every.single.freaking.thing.I.say.  "Adam, did you know the sky is blue," I say.  To which he replies, "No mom, EVERYONE knows it is green."

Okay, that was a bit of an exaggeration, but sometimes that is what it feels like.

So the kids are bickering and bickering and I'm saying knock it off every 5 seconds and we head to the library for research on science fair projects and a biography Carus has to write.  Of course the library is closed, because it is 6 pm on a Friday night and apparently they're lame like that.

So I thought I'd take them to DQ.  The bickering really didn't need the reward. Mommy wanted ice cream.

But then we pulled into the shopping center and I spy the dollar store - cheaper and healthier alternative, right? Well maybe not cheaper.  But red vines are so much better for you than ice cream. 

I like to surprise my kids a lot by just pulling up in front of stores or places we're going.  I've made Adam cry pulling into the grocery store parking lot without warning him.  He hates it that much. But when I'm being all impulsive there is no whining about 'but I want ice cream.'  It was enough that I had to listen to my whining about it.

They were still bickering.  And they continue bickering at each other. The entire time we were in the store.  Oops, no. Not the entire time.  There was a moment were Carus and I were in a different isle than Adam.

We get to the checkout line and they start being all nice and cooperative and sweet to each other.  I saw the checkout lady - who happens to be a lady I worked with at Shari's restuarant 8 years ago - get an 'aaahhh' look. 

Adam and Carus always get that look, because they are always nice and sweet to each other in public.  And I'm just thinking "You little bastards! Now you're being good. What the hell?"

But the second we got in the car it started again.

And it continued and I continued to say KNOCK IT THE HELL OFF ALREADY!

(Oh yea, two things. And they are things that have come up a lot lately. 1. I do not believe hell is a bad word.  2. I do swear at/near/around my kids. I am completely okay with it. I'm an adult, I've earned the right to say any and all swear words I see fit and invent and when they turn 18 they can say all the swear words they want. No I'm not naive enough to think they ain't saying them behind my back, but they would be whether or not I say them. This way I still get to say whatever comes to my tongue when I stub my toe. I do not swear around other people's kids. Hell has slipped once)

And it went on and on and on.  Add in pounding on a door because one of them shut the other out of a room.

That's it! Both of you bed now! I don't care that it is 7 freakin 30 on a Friday night! BED!

And now I can't watch Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs because if I let them up, mommy is a pushover...

PS. I am a pushover

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  1. I am a pushover too, don't worry.

    I am NOT looking forward to these days at all.

    And I hate the know it all attitide, Jay is the same way, if you find some way to conquer it with Adam PLEASE let me know...I am sure it will come in handy with Clark, who seem more like his Dad everyday.

    PS. We LOVE Meatballs in this house, we watch it at least once a day.


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