10 February 2010

The waiting game sucks

After talking and stressing and thinking and talking since we looked at houses on Saturday we did decide if we liked one of the houses we looked at well enough to try to buy.  So we called our realtor to let her know we want to make an offer on ....

And everyone that commented helped when we started feeling like maybe it was too soon or too much or just plain nervous!

It's a lot of money.

It's a HUGE commitment.

It's a giant drain on your emotions!

And as I signed page after page after page of our offer contract last night I started to get a little more nervous.  It was a short sale house so not only will the sellers have to approve, but so will the bank and it could take FOREVER! 

Thankfully it is just one bank.  Unfortunately, the bank will accept no less than asking price and have already turned down several other offers that were under.  That meant we lost most of our negotiating ability.

And now the waiting game begins!

Yup, I just made you click to see which house we picked and now I'm going make you wait a bit more.

We chose......

*drum roll*


The Handyman

Not only did we like it, but it got the most YAY comments.  Even my Nay comments were challanged.  Robert has promised that one of the first projects will be to change the kitchen cupboards somehow. If I have to live with them for awhile I can think back to this kitchen and every time I open the cupboard that has a broken hinge and it falls off or pull out the drawer that refuses to stay on the track and it falls onto my foot - or the one above that usually just crashes into my shin.

And really, if the color of the cupboards is my only complaint than its gonna work out great.

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  1. They are the same color as the cabinets in the house I just sold. I hated them too. The whole six yrs I lived there I begged Cody to let me paint them. I WILL not have that color in my new house. I am not waiting another six yrs to get pretty cabinets. Good luck and remember it will all be worth it. And also remember that short sales can take a long time. So keep looking and you can put in multiple offers on other houses. I am getting excited for you!


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