03 February 2010

Why can't I just win the lottery?

Robert and I want to move.  We're tired of renting.  We're tired of not being able to paint and improve things our way.  We want to buy a house.  We want to be home owners!

We haven't been able to in the past. It just hasn't been the right time for us.  But with last years' market crash housing prices are down and it looks like this year might be the year for us. 

This means I have to give up hope for a visit to New Mexico this year, as well as my even further fetched hopes for a vacation in Hawaii.  The Oregon beaches will just have to tide me over a bit longer...

But it is okay because....

I will get a kitchen that (hopefully) doesn't have ugly cupboard doors falling off and horribly ugly counters.  I will get walls that I can paint another color besides WHITE.  Hello neon pink!

We will be able to demolish ANYTHING leftover from the 70s (i.e. my current bathroom floors). 

I will have a fenced backyard (or be able to fence it in) and just kick the dog out to use the potty at 2 am or whatever.  And instead of standing out there with him in 17 degree weather or making Adam stand out there with him (yeah, I'm mean. It's his dog too), he can pee on every single blade of grass and take 30 minutes to find THE perfect spot to crap and I won't have to wait and watch! 

Robert will be able to set up a shop in the garage and build and tinker to his hearts' content.  Oh and the things I'm going to make him build for me! Ha!

The kids are hoping for a tree house/fort.  I think Robert is pretty darn excited about this too.

So, you wanna help us decide on a house? 

I'll post pictures I take from our tours and our lists of pros and cons for each house and I'll take votes on whether or not to keep it on our list.  I will keep addresses and actual prices private.  Which ever house gets the most votes we will make an offer on!

We have a couple of loan options available to us, now just to find a house.

Our first tours are 2 houses in Forest Grove, Oregon this Saturday.  Forest Grove is about 30 minutes from where we are now.


  1. It would be so great if you buy! That is the exact same reason that we decided to sell our house and buy a new one. Prices are so great right now! We have found two houses, one is 3 times the size of our old house (1,000 sq ft) and the other is almost 4 times bigger, and we could get either for 5 thousand more than we sold ours for. It is incredible. I hope everything works out and I can't wait to see some choices!

  2. Now is the time to buy a house if you can. We need out of this house because it's just too small for the 5 of us and one huge dog. But to sell would mean a huge loss right now. Good luck!!!!

  3. Yea, a HOUSE! I hope everything goes well, and you find what you want! Good luck house hunting!


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