06 February 2010

The Handyman

Welcome to the first edition of help us pick a house.  I'm leading with our top choice and we are calling it the handyman because it was owned by a handyman/contractor guy.

This house is 3 bedrooms, 2.1 baths, and 1813 sq ft.  It also has a bonus room, a shed in the backyard, and RV parking.  (Not that we need RV parking, but its all good).  It is near the top of our price range (but not too near) and it is a short sale so it might take awhile if and when we put an offer in to get a yay or nay back from the bank.  And the bank might be a smidge less flexible on price than a person...

Now without further ado, the pictures!

The positives as I see it, with a little input from Robert:
The carpet on the stairs and upstairs was sssssssooooooooo soft and cushy. Downstairs was laminate wood floor and laminate tile like stuff in the kitchen.  The master bedroom was HUGE! The kitchen was decent sized with okay storage. The sink was extra deep, which I like.  The backyard was a good size.  If we bought it, we would tear down the fence to the RV parking and expand our yard and have an area for a garden on that side of the house. It has central sound, and the bonus room has surround sound and all sorts of great wiring features.  The garage - oh the garage was Robert's favorite!  It is wired for 220 and for a central air compressor. Seriously, you should have seen his face when he saw those lines and tubing.  When leaving we saw 3 boys around Adam's age playing basketball, so the kids would have kids to play with.
The negatives as I see it:
Near the High School - literally 3 houses away. This could be good or bad, but right now I'm going to list it as bad.  Could mean trouble makers during the day, could mean extra loud Friday nights during football season. Could be no big deal at all....
The master bath floor is kinda ugly, but that's a pretty easy fix really so no big deal.  There is no fridge so we'd have to buy one of those.  But the kitchen cupboards are UGLY! They aren't horrible, but they're 'meh' in color. They are an yellowish, cream-y, very light wood.  It screams early 90s' to me.  But those are an easy fix with temporarily painting them and eventually changing them out.
It is a short sale - it could be too much trouble to even try. OR it could be a really good deal...
All in all, this house got all four of our votes. 


  1. I actually really liked this house. I would live here. I love the purple door, and the outside looks so inviting. I don't think it would be bad to live near a high school, but that is just me. And I didn't mind the color of the cabinets, I had to actually go back and look to see what you were talking about. All your negative points are such easy things to fix. It looks like the perfect size for the 4 of you. I am giving this one the April approval :D

  2. I think it is pretty nice! Most of the houses we are looking at are short sales too. But there isn't much of anything else out there! I really liked the floors and the fireplace. And the paint isn't too bad either. And I love the bonus room! We would love to have one above the garage.

  3. Okay the third try to comment. I like the house. My favorate room is the bonus room. The whole family will enjoy that room. Purple door ???????. But that can be changed.

  4. What do you mean.....purple doors are wonderful. :o)
    It doesn't really matter whether you live near high school kids now or later when the small kids grow up into high school kids. When we first moved into our current home, the kids where small. Then they became teenagers. Ugh. Yes, there is partying but all in all they were pretty good kids. We have more issues with the younger kids vandalizing the neighborhood, I think, than the older kids being too noisy with their partying. For the most part they go into town for their rebel rousing.
    Both the Handyman and HOA house has my vote. I agree with Emma. HOAs are not bad in my opinion if you want to keep your neighborhood looking nice and saleable. If you don't control to a certain extent some of the things people want to do to their homes, then you end up with chickens in the front yard with a car on blocks. These are not very inviting to someone looking to move into the neighborhood. Love you.


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