08 February 2010

The 6 Kids

Last, but definitely not least, meet The 6 kids!

It boasts 4 bedrooms, 2.1 baths, and is 1346 sq ft.  Downstairs we enjoyed lovely plush carpet in the living room and nice 'pergo' wood laminate flooring in the kitchen/dining room combo.  As you can see, the dining room is really good sized.  The selling family has 6 kids (and we actually saw them because we arrived to the house early, they are all under 4!). The backyard is a great size, and has a garden area for me already!  The kitchen was great with a center island and a walk in pantry.  The garage was a good size too. 

Upstairs we saw more of that great soft carpet, 4 bedrooms and 2 full baths.  The master bedroom was the largest, of course, but the other 3, at the exact size, felt small and probably wouldn't work.  Adam and Carus have a lot of furniture so we felt this house would be too small for us, which is odd because they have 8 people living there!  That's probably why they're moving, that many kids means they're out of rooms to put them in! HA!

It got my vote (mostly for the kitchen) but no one else's...


  1. I think this one is really nice. Nice size rooms. The kitchen is beautiful! And I love the backyard. You are going to have some tough decision making!

  2. The bedrooms did look a little small, but otherwise I like this one alot. I give it 3/4 of a star, so not a whole star but almost there :D


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