20 March 2010

The Red House and Flower Power

Yesterday we saw 2 more houses.  We started with "The Red House".  I had wanted to see this house for the kitchen, which was newly remodeled and looked so pretty in the online pictures.  Then we got there and I told Robert I'm leaving him for the kitchen.  It was THAT pretty!  Granite counters, lots of cubboard space, lazy susan cubboards, amazing glass top stove, DEEP sink, on and on. They only thing I would have done with it was added the soft close sliders to the cubboard doors and drawers. 

The laundry room/mud room was amazing too and the bedrooms and backyard were all good sized.  The 2 bathrooms, however, were small. And the backyard, while a good sized, allowed ALL of the road noise from the busy road next to the house to be heard.  There were points were we couldn't hear each other talking.  There was also no space for my office, the living room was on the cozy side.  We loved the house, but it was too small :(

As for Flower Power - we didn't like it.  It was beat up.  It was built in 2001 and the carpets were crap, the prego floor in the living room was bent and popped when walking on it, the paint was all crooked and messy, and the backyard was dirt and weeds - all things we can fix with a lot of time but when we went upstairs we had a funny feeling walking on the floor, especially in the bathroom.  It felt uneven.  Then Robert called me from the garage.

Yup, mold and sagging.  Water damage. The upstairs bathroom where we felt the uneven-ness the most is right above this spot. There must have been a leak of some sort.  The mold was not only on the ceiling of the garage, but down both walls and the garage smelled like mold so badly.

Even if we could get finance on a house with water and mold damage (and with USDA we can't) this just completely killed it for us.

Our realtor summed it up great, "We came, we saw, now we're leaving." Perfect sentiments. 


  1. Oh, I loved the red house. That kitchen with the built in desk, NICE!

  2. The red house. forget the bedrooms, you can sleep in the kitchen

  3. The Red house was pretty nice, but imagine the first house you saw, and you can make it the perfect kitchen with the nice sliders on the drawers... And that sucks with the mold! I found the perfect house (Cody hated it before we went down stairs.) and there were worms in the basement! Just earthworms, but if it was so wet that there were worms in the basement, I didn't want to know what else was wrong. Pretty much that did it for me too.


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