03 March 2010

Ain't it adorable?

We have the kids set up with their own email addresses and with those MSN messenger. The theory was that grandparents who also have messenger could message them and talk to them online since most times its difficult to get my constantly speaking children to talk on the phone. Weird huh?

We also use them to send little notes to the kids randomly. Ya know, love ya, proud of ya, why did the chicken cross the road jokes, etc, etc.

The other day Robert sent Carus a little note from work saying "Hi big girl..!!" when he noticed she signed on.  She didn't get it until he had signed off at work, but did send the reply, "hi big daddy..!!"  And then a few hours later, he returned to his computer in the bedroom and finds...

If you need translating it says, "you make my hart (heart) grow    love... your prensess (princess) . . . . . . Carus"

Isn't that adorable?!?!


  1. Carus is so sweet. Just like her mom.


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