09 May 2010

mom day

Happy Mother’s Day, to all of you: The Stay at Home Moms, Work at Home Moms, Working Moms, Single Moms, Grandmas, Great Grandmas, Mothers with Babies, Mothers with grown children, and Mothers to be.

Ours is the greatest gift and the greatest responsibility:  To raise the future, to teach them to stand and watch them become everything they dream, and to see them grow into such amazing people.

Sorry this is late, I have been painting.  We finished Carus's room yesterday and I started on Adam's ceiling while Robert worked on changing outlets, light switches, and door knobs.
My neck hurts from looking up all day.

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  1. You are so right, Rebecca. Mothers and Fathers have a very big responsibility with raising the future generation. I think you and Robert are doing great. I noticed that when in Alabama how you both stuck together in your decisions. Such a refreshing thing to see. Love you bunches.


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