26 February 2011

Um, where's my spring?

56_365 Our snow day Thursday - after it started melting. Robert took this picture for me mid morning after I begged him to take some pictures. It was sooo pretty first thing in the morning when a few flakes were still falling.  If I hadn't been trying to get to jury duty on time I would have had the camera out clicking away...

The kids did have a snow day, and from Robert's report they had some fun playing in the snow. 

Now, I love the snow.  It's pretty and the magic it brings to bring school and a lot of other things to a stop or crawl and is so exciting each and every time it is predicted to snow or the moment I see some flakes.  But I do have a practical side, it does make some things difficult. I am ready for spring, but for now I'm going to enjoy this late cold winter snap we are having.
56_365 02-24-11

In jury duty news - I got picked for grand jury and will be going back for my duties (hehe I said duties [yeah I did that joke]) every Monday for the next 4 weeks for many hours at a time. FUN! ? There are some aspects that might be interesting, but others maybe not so much...the jury's out until Monday afternoon (haha get it - jury's out).

Definition for ya: A grand jury's purpose is to investigate alleged crimes, examine evidence, and issue indictments if they believe that there is enough evidence for a trial.

57_365 Timmy kitty.  He's such a pretty kitty...
57_365 02-25-11 B&W

58_365 Girl Scout cookie time is here!  While grocery shopping today the kids and I came across a group of girls and their moms SHIVERING in our cold weather (our high today was 35 but felt much colder) so of course I had to make it worth their time and bought a couple boxes.  I only bought 2 and they've made it through the day... can't guarantee they'll make it much longer. We have a friend that buys cases of those Samoas each season. And it's not so he can freeze them for later...
58_365 02-26-11

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