13 February 2011

Sunday catch-up

I'm sensing a theme of catching up....hmmm

Maybe I should stop being lazy in the evenings and post more often. Maybe not. I do enjoy lazy time.

38/365 - Wooden plate bowl that sits on our coffee table to hold remotes. 
38_365 02-07-11

39/365 I love our view.  And sunsets are great.
39_365 02-08-11

40/365 Pretty tulips sitting on my counter.
40_365 02-09-11

41/365 Wilbur likes sitting on our new entry bench. We chase him off cause no kitties on the leather, but had to get a quick picture first.
41_365 02-09-11 (8)

42/365 - Adam playing the guitar some more.
42_365 02-10-11

43/365 Carus and I have been having girls night outings each week.  I'm hoping as she goes into her teenage years we can continue these girl nights and stay friends.   This time we went to the mall and wandered around.  I bought her an outfit for her Build A Bear bear Adam gave her 9 years ago and then we got some jewelry.  I got 4 pairs of earrings and she got a ring and a headband.  We ended the night with smoothies for our 1 hour drive home (we live far from the mall).
43_365 02-11-11

44/365 Gramma (Robert's mom) came and picked up the kids around noon Saturday for a movie and to stay the night and Robert and I had a date day. Sorta.  We went shopping for this mirror for our entry way and then out to chinese food for lunch. 
44_365 02-12-11

Sunday - Cornish game hens
Monday - Valentine's Steak dinner
Tuesday - Build your own tace night
Wednesday - Chicken and potato bake
Thursday - Beef and broccoli
Friday - Quesadillas
Saturday - FFY

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