04 November 2010

Sorry, no pictures for you!

Okay, I'm a slacker and because of it we are going to go back in time for the games that I haven't said anything about yet.

Also, I'm sick. So I'm using it as an excuse.  Carus brought home the death cold TWO weekends ago and I have been fighting it off since. I lost and now my lungs hurt. I need to cough it out, but don't wanna cause that hurts and I don't actually want to succeed in dislodging my lungs from my body, but anyhoo...

This is going to be a long post, but I'll try to keep things as short as possible. And I felt bad about the no picture thing so you'll get some. HA! NOT LAZY!

But I'm not changing the title. Crap, back to lazy.



Adam - Lost 2 touchdowns to 1

10-02-10 (2)

Gramma Barbara, Carus, and Daddy all ready for Adam's game.

10-02-10 (56)

Carus had two games.
1st game: Lost (don't remember the score)
2nd game: Lost 3 to 2

10-02-10 (203)

10-02-10 (198)


Rain rain rain! IT RAINED. And we got wet. But not as wet as the kids.

Carus's game - They won 3 to 1.
10-09-10 (37)
Soggy Carus

10-09-10 (39)

Adam's team won 4 touchdowns to 1. (Adam is 87)

10-09-10 (24)

10-09-10 (70)

Rain was our good luck charm. YAY Rain!

K, I know there is one more game for Carus and one more game for Adam to go through, but I haven't even organized those pictures and my head is pounding so without further ado...

TOODLES! I'm going to hit the NYQUIL!

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